• Why is the Dominican Day Parade held on the second Sunday of August, this year during August 13th?

    In 1844, the Dominican Republic secured its independence from Haiti and became a sovereign state until 1861. Under the leadership of General Pedro Santana, segments of the Dominican population sought to annex the Republic back to Spain and did so during March 18, 1861. In August 1863, there was the start of the war for the “Second Independence”(La Guerra de la Restauracion) to be ultimately won from Spain, under the leadership of General Gregorio Luperon. For that reason, el “Desfile Dominicano” is celebrated on the second Sunday of August. Ultimately, the Dominican Republic was re-established, free from Spain, in March 3, 1865.
  • What happened to the previous group that produced the Dominican Day Parade?

    Over the past several years, the leadership of the Dominican Day Parade had been under scrutiny because the non-profit organization at its helm was not being run according to New York State law. The Dominican Day Parade is being produced by a new not-for-profit organization which will focus on celebrating the culture and heritage of the Dominican-American community. As previously announced by Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Dominican elected officials, and community leaders — “the parade is now a properly constituted nonprofit organization with distinguished individuals representing the community.” The parade’s focus is on our children, grand-children, parents, grand-parents and our extended families, friends and supporters. We are not competing with the past. We are focusing on improving our community’s future and forging a legacy and patrimony of achievement and confidence for upcoming generations.
  • What is the purpose and mission of the Dominican Day Parade?

    The newly formed Dominican Day Parade, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3, non-partisan organization in formation that organizes the annual parade and festivities. The organization strives to provide an understanding of the heritage and contributions of the Dominican community in America and throughout the world. The mission of the Dominican Day Parade, Inc. is to celebrate the richness of the Dominican culture, folklore and popular traditions.
  • What is the theme for this year’s parade?

    The key theme for last year’s parade was “Honoring and Empowering the Dominican Woman.” For decades, Dominican women secured their place in history in both the U.S. and in the Dominican Republic, from the heroic Mirabal Sisters to Maria Trinidad Sanchez, to Julissa Reynoso, to notable Hollywood actresses like Zoe Zaldana and Maria Montez, and musicians such as Milly Quezada and Angela Carrasco, their work transcends geography and culture. Furthermore, Dominican women have not been traditionally recognized and celebrated in their roles of mother and homemaker, and this is an excellent opportunity to recognize the important contributions that millions of Dominican women have in our everyday lives.

    In the name of those who paved the way, the Dominican Day Parade honors the untold stories of the everyday Dominican-American women who work hard in their respective fields. Their families and communities recognize their resilience. We acknowledge with pride Dominican-American women excelling in science, law, business and the arts. We also acknowledge those who are the backbone of our economy: the essential female workers who clean offices in midtown high-rises, care for elders as home health aides, while raising aspiring children and giving back to our community.

  • What are the Goals of the Dominican Day Parade?

    The Dominican Day Parade is composed of a professionally diverse Board of Directors and Community Advisory Committee who are volunteers and are dedicated to:

    • Delivering an annual parade
    • Supporting educational and economic empowerment of the Dominican Community
    • Accomplishing and committing to our goals with transparency and respect
    • Upholding the highest level of professionalism
    • Adhering with ethics and compliance of all laws and regulations
    • Providing yearly scholarships to Dominican-American students

  • Why did you choose to be called Dominican Day Parade, instead of using a Spanish name such as Desfile Dominicano?

    Dominican Day Parade, Inc. is our corporate name. As Dominicans, we speak many languages and understand each other in Spanish as well as in English. We strive to be fully bilingual in all our activities.
  • What are near term plans to ensure a successful and well-represented parade?

    Starting operations without funding, the first order of business for the organization is to find partners, sources of revenue and donations to cover initial expenses. Each Director has made a donation and committed to promote the importance of our Dominican Day Parade. Second, we are working closely with the Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs and the New York City Police Department to establish the parade’s logistic plan. Third, we plan to use all available media to promote participation in the parade from all segments of the community, including Dominicans, Latinos, New Yorkers of all ethnicities, and Dominican Diaspora worldwide.
  • What is the parade’s line of march?

    The parade will be held on the Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue). Starting from 38th street and 6th avenue to 52nd street and 6th avenue.
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