Dominican Bachata, nominated before Unesco as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) received the dossier regarding the nomination of the candidacy for the entrance of Dominican bachata to the representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The delivery of the documentation was made to the Office of Intangible Heritage of the Organization by the Dominican Ambassador, José Antonio Rodríguez, who expressed that, “for all the team of our Delegation it is a source of pride and satisfaction to have concluded in record time the first phase of the nomination process, with a view to the potential registration of bachata in the prestigious list “.

The permanent delegate to UNESCO, recalled that “this action is an initiative of President Danilo Medina, who after receiving the declaration of merengue as a World Heritage Site, marked the guideline: Now we go for bachata.

The file was admitted by Tim Curtis, secretary of the Office of Intangible Heritage of UNESCO, who said that “after a preliminary review, the Committee will notify no later than next September, if it meets the requirements to be examined in the evaluation period 2018-2019 “.

In that sense, Ambassador Rodríguez stressed that “the work of planning, execution and follow-up of this nomination, has been in charge of Ernesto Torres Pereyra, Minister Counselor of this diplomatic representation, whom he described as an official with an extensive experience in diplomacy. ”

Rodriguez also said that “this first step has been the result of the constant effort of many Dominicans in the cultural field, who for years have worked for and to achieve this global distinction.”

Also, the diplomat acknowledged the intense effort of Dominican artists, including singers, musicians, composers and arrangers, who, from the beginning, have offered their support to this initiative, which has also had the unconditional support of the Dominican people.


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