In 2017, the United States granted residence to more than 48,000 Dominicans

During 2017, 48,254 Dominicans emigrated to the United States with residence granted by the American consulate in the Dominican Republic, of which 19,452 were immediate relatives of citizens; 78 special emigrants, 28,667 for family preference and 57 with residence for employment.

At present, there is a proposal from the US president, Donald Trump, and some US congressmen to eliminate the category of family preference, considering it a chain migration, and replace it with residence by merit.

The migration specialist, Roque Leonel Rodríguez, assures that if immigration reform is approved with this element, the annual migration of Dominicans would decrease, practically by 50%, since the majority is by family preference, that is, the categories “single children of citizens (F1); single children of residents (F2B); married children of American citizens (F3) and the brothers of citizens (F4) “.

The United States approved in 2017, worldwide, 23,814 residences per job, of which only 57 Dominicans were able to obtain it.

He argued that if the category of residence is replaced by family preference to the category of residence by employment or merit, “Dominican Republic will have to tighten the belts at the level of higher education, since this category requires that people have studies postgraduate, which includes master’s and doctorate.

He pointed out that countries such as India, China and other nations of Asia and Europe have a high migration to the US for employment, because they place a lot of emphasis on high-level professional preparation and the English language, which is a basic requirement to receive that type of residence.

How to obtain a work or residence visa for employment?

Currently worldwide the United States receives about 195 thousand applications for work visa for professionals and there approve only 65 thousand, while residence for employment in 2017, globally approved 23 thousand 814, including the 57 received by Dominicans .

“What I want to say is that to get a work visa or a residence for employment, the requirement is an employer to hire them.”

Rodriguez explained that in order to contact the employer, the person has several options, one is to access the pages where they recruit foreign employees worldwide, through job agencies or by visiting the monthly job fairs held in the United States.

He recommended to the interested ones to look for the list of the companies, to apply via web and the one that has the opportunity of a tourist visa can travel to the different fairs and take his curriculum.

Article originally published in by Deyanira Polanco.

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