Open Letter Dedicated to Lesandro (Junior) Feliz-Guzman

The Board of Directors of the Dominican Day Parade are mindful of our youth and on how we can be a voice of support. This “Open Letter” dedicated to memorialize Junior’s unfinished desires to accomplish great things in life is a commitment on our part to explore programs and initiatives that can become symbols of faith for others like junior to succeed in a safe environment within our communities. We ask you to join us by signing this open letter of support. We do it together, we accomplish together, we make a difference together!
On behalf of the Dominican Day Parade Board of Directors,

Maria M. Khury
Chair, Board of Directors

Signed today, August 2, 2018 at the United Palace Manhattan Borough President’s Dominican Day Parade Dominican Heritage Event.
Presented to the parents of Lesandro (Junior) Feliz-Guzman

Junior, on June 20, 2018, your life was tragically cut short by an act of violence. At the young age of 15, your dreams to become a NYC Police Officer were shattered and your family experienced one of the biggest losses of their lives. The Dominican Day Parade (DDP) stands alongside your family during this very difficult time. We stand alongside our community in demanding resources and services for our youth. We stand alongside all youth and pledge our support to securing resources to support youth of Dominican descent who are pursuing their education and pursuing their dreams.

The 2018 Parade theme, “Our Youth, Our Future”, captures our sentiments that in order for all of us to have a future, we need to do everything within our means to secure the resources needed for our youth to thrive. As we stand beside your family, the Dominican Day Parade reaffirms its commitment to utilizing our expertise and resources to mentor, support and help Dominican youth thrive and succeed.

Junior, you left us way too soon but your death has brought together a community that is committed to fighting for the survival of our youth and for your death not be in not to be in vain.

The Dominican Day Parade Inc. is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3)

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