Ramona Hernández

A native of the Dominican Republic, Dr. Ramona Hernández attended Lehman College until 1979, receiving a B.A. with honors in Latin American History and a minor in Puerto Rican Studies. She then pursued graduate work at New York University, earning an M.A. in 1982 in the Department of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, an M. Phil in 1995, and a Ph. D. in 1997, both in the Department of Sociology at the Graduate School of The City University of New York.

Currently, Dr. Hernández is at The City College of New York where she holds the positions of Director of the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute, Professor of Sociology at the City College of New York and Doctoral Faculty at the Graduate Center of CUNY. Her research interests include the mobility of workers from Latin America and the Caribbean, the socioeconomic conditions of Dominicans in the diaspora, particularly in the United States, and the restructuring of the world economy and its effects on working-class people.

Dr. Hernández is a member of the Editorial Board of the Latino Studies Journal and Camino Real: Estudios de las Hispanidades Norteamericanas. She is a Trustee of the Sociological Initiatives Foundation, the Instituto Global de Altos Estudios en Ciencias Sociales in the Dominican Republic, and the Vice Chair of the Dominican Studies Association. Dr. Hernández has lectured at numerous universities, including Yale University, Princeton University, New York University, Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, Cornell University, Columbia University, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rutgers University, the Sorbonne, the Instituto Iberoamericano de Berlin, University of Massachusetts at Boston and at Amherst, Millersville University, Clark University, Kean University, University of Miami, Trinity College, Colby College, Swarthmore College, Michigan State University, and most campuses of the City University of New York.

Dr. Hernández’s publications include Norteamericanas (Instituto Franklin-Universidad de Alcalá, 2010; with Utku Sezgin); “El sentimiento anti-migratorio en EE.UU. y el movimiento de inmigrantes” in Global (2008); “Living on the Margins of Society” in Latinos in a Changing Society (published by Greenwood Press, 2007); “Migrations and Dreams: Dominicans in the Garment Industry” in A Coat of Many Colors: Immigration, Globalization, and Reform in New York City’s Garment Industry, edited by Daniel Soyer (published by Fordham University Press, 2005); “On the Age Against the Poor: Migration and Deportation of Dominicans” in the Journal of Social Work Practice with Immigrants and Refugees (2004); Desde la orilla: Hacia una nacionalidad sin desalojos (published by La Trinitaria, 2004; with Silvio Torres Saillant); The Mobility of Workers Under Advanced Capitalism: Dominican Migration to the United States (published by Columbia University Press, 2002), winner of Choice’s “Outstanding Academic Title” in 2003.

Among her forthcoming publications are “The Latino Paradigm: The Struggles Within and the Need for National Identity” in Mapping Latina/o Studies: An Interdisiciplinary Reader, edited by Matt García and Angharad Valdivi (Peter Lang Press); “Perspectives on Dominicans in New York City.” Latinos/as in New York: Communities in Transition. 2nd Edition, coedited by Angelo Falcón, Gabriel Haslip-Viera & Sherrie L. Baver (University of Notre Dame; with Silvio Torres Saillant); “Dominicans,” One Out of Three: Immigrant New York in the 21st Century, edited by Nancy Foner (Columbia University Press; with Silvio Torres Saillant).

At the moment, Dr. Hernández is writing a book about Dominican immigrants who came through the famous port of Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924; and editing the volume Narratives of Dominican Entrepreneurs in the U.S., with María Elízabeth Rodríguez and foreword by Alejandra Castillo.