Terms and Conditions of the Dominican Day Parade, Inc.

  • PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to limit or restrict the participation of any individual(s) and/or organization(s).
  • Every person and every vehicle that marches in the parade route must register and pay a registration fee.
  • Motorcycles, 16 wheelers and vans are not allowed on the parade route.
  • Each group is limited to one sound vehicle at the parade, unless otherwise authorized.
  • All floats and sound vehicles must be pre-approved by the Dominican Day Parade’s Arts and Culture Committee.
  • Copies of photo ID, driver’s license, registration and insurance card must be provided for each vehicle registered.
  • Personal vehicles are not allowed on the parade route unless approved with a special permit by the Dominican Day Parade Committee.
  • A maximum of 20 individuals can ride on a float. The float fee covers these twenty individuals and an addition 30 who can walk around the float.
  • If you are sponsoring a float not provided by our authorized Dominican Day Parade provider you must supply a design of your float, driver’s information, registration and valid insurance covering your float (Certificate of Insurance listing DDP as additional insured.) Email DDPMAS@gmail.com. Subject Line: FLOAT PICTURE FOR APPROVAL.
  • Bond Floats, 973-778-3333 provides approved floats, drivers, insurance, sound and generators. The Dominican Day Parade is not responsible for any contracts and/or transactions made with float companies.
  • Invoicing: Deposits of 50% are non-refundable and due upon invoicing. Balance is due July 31, 2018. Bounced checks will incur a fee of $50. Payments after Jul 31 will incur a late fee of $75 and must be paid by either a USPS money order, bank check or credit card. Credit card payments carry an administrative fee of 3%.
  • SOUND VEHICLES are permitted for performance groups only and groups must provide their own power.
  • NO HOOKAHS. If you bring one to the parade you will not be allowed to march.
  • Every parade participant must be wearing a 2018 parade wristband. No exceptions.
  • All participants must promote Dominican heritage, culture and pride with the exception of participants representing other cultures.
  • All participants must reflect a respect for general public decency and moral values, including a dress code of a professional or cultural nature.
  • All participants must refrain from the use of profane or offensive language, symbols, or gestures.
  • The use of the flag of the Dominican Republic as part of an outfit or clothing will not be allowed and the use of the flag to decorate a float must be done in a respectable and dignified manner.
  • Flags with symbols will not be allowed.
  • No political or electoral advertisement or signs may be displayed by any participants.
  • No THIRD-PARTIES will be allowed to march with the original group that signed on the Application.
  • All participants must adhere to the instructions of Parade Coordinators during the parade.
  • In the event of a cancellation of the parade DDP will not refund registration fees.
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