The Dominican community offers a reception to Minister of Culture

Several organizations, cultural managers, poets and writers offered a reception to the Minister of Culture of the Dominican Republic, architect Eduardo Selman, to whom they expressed their willingness to join and support the art and culture projects undertaken by the ministry through of the Dominican Commissioner of Culture in New York.

Selman was received by the community leader, promoter and cultural manager Ana Ofelia Rodríguez, director of Galería Rio III, along with representatives of the Dominican community, in the activity carried out in Broadway Housing Communities (BHC’s Art Galleries), located at 898 of the Saint Nicholas Avenue at corner of 155th Street, in Manhattan.

He was accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Gloria de Selman, president of the Patronato Pro Maternidad La Altagracia; Cayo Claudio Espinal, Vice Minister of Creativity and Popular Participation, and Billy Hasbún, Director of International Relations of the Ministry of Culture.

Eduardo Selman expressed gratitude for the gesture of affection and affection from representatives of the Dominican community in the United States and said that Ana Ofelia Rodriguez is a temple of Dominicans, whom Professor Juan Bosch met in 1989 “when I came with him to New York and definitely that facet is for me not only memorable, but compromising, because she organized here Friends of Juan Bosch, being part of his board Anthony Steven and Maritza.

After those present at the reception, make a toast to the success of the management of Selman at the head of the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic and because the Dominican Commissioner of Culture in the United States can take a fruitful task in favor of the Dominican immigrant community , several of the guests addressed short messages congratulating him on his new functions.

Among the speakers are Dr. Ramona Hernández, president of the Institute of Dominican Studies (CUNY-DSI), and María Khoury, president of Dominican Day Parade Inc. or Dominican Parade of New York , who attended in the company of the respective directors of both entities, Anthony Steven and Iván Domínguez.

Dr. Hernández highlighted the qualities of the architect Eduardo Selman, of whom he said is an excellent person who did outstanding work during the two times he has served as Consul General of the Dominican Republic in New York, striving to develop projects that have benefited his nationals abroad.

“We know all the projects he has done for the benefit of the Dominican community living in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania during his stay as Consul on two occasions and we are very happy to have him here again as Minister of Culture,” said the president of the CUNY – IDS motivating warm applause among those present.

Also outstanding are the writer, actress and essayist Dinorah Coronado, the writers Elizabeth Balaguer and Gladys Montolío, of The Latin American Cultural Heritage; the classical musician Adan Boden, the folklorist Iván Domínguez; Virginia Meléndez, president of the Vegan Association in the USA (Asobeusa); the cultural and community adviser Jackqueline Guilamo, the pianist Miguel Andrés Tejada; artist Darío Oleaga, poets Frank Adolfo and Félix García; Miguelina Concepción, president of the Juan Bosch USA Foundation and subcommissioner of Culture in the United States.

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