The Dominican Day Parade celebrates the Day of the Dominican Mothers

The Dominican Day Parade, Inc. (DDP), celebrated Dominican Mothers Day with a boat ride through Manhattan and the “Matriarch 2018” awards ceremony to four outstanding mothers of the Dominican community of New York.

During the event four Dominican women were recognized, who arrived in the United States as immigrants at the beginning of the sixties, who have stood out for their dedication to their families and their children, as the organizers emphasized: “they worked in various jobs, they offered as volunteers and helped the most needy of their community and homeland. They raised children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who have excelled and are outstanding citizens. They are role models and deserve praise. “Among the beneficiaries of the” Matriarca 2018 “recognition were: Rosario Cepin, Miguelina Concepción Lazala, Carlota Pérez and Nicida Sánchez.

Four matriarchs

Rosario Cepin is founder of the “Esperancenos Ausentes Organization, she is the single mother of a medical graduate of the Harvard and Columbia universities. Miguelina Concepción Lazala, President of the Prof. Juan Bosch USA Foundation and Deputy Commissioner of Culture, is the mother of a retired sergeant daughter of the NYPD and another daughter of the Bank of Japan. Carlota Perez, owner of the retired winery, raised four daughters, including an elected judge of the Bronx Civil Court, a paralegal, a home visitor and a director of consumer services at a warehouse. Nicida Sánchez, retired hairdresser, seamstress and CCCD volunteer, mother of two children; a successful engineer graduated from RPI. He has a granddaughter, a prominent student at George Washington University.

During the awards ceremony, Maria M. Khury, who chairs the Dominican Day Parade Board (DDP) said: “As the proud daughter of a worthy matriarch, I can appreciate the sincere joy we feel in the DDP to celebrate these mothers. We stand on his shoulders. In unity, our non-profit organizations recognize them and recognize their stellar presence in the community. ” For his part Wilton Cedeño, Development Coordinator of the DDP in his speech said: “Congratulations to all the Dominican Mothers. They are our most precious and valuable treasure in life. Congratulations!”

Celebrating mothers

According to the organizers, the main objective was to celebrate Dominican Mother’s Day, Dominican unity and cultural pride in a collaborative effort with other institutions such as the Dominican Cultural Civic Center, the Dominican Association of Lawyers and AALSTEM. The honorees and participating mothers in addition to participating in the beautiful boat ride with spectacular views of Manhattan over the Hudson, a buffet and dance, received complimentary presents donated by Papi and Gina Rodriguez wines. The event’s masters of ceremony were Rafael Bello and Yeila Lluberes. The music with which the participants danced all night was provided by NCUE Band and DJ Polanco.

Dominican Day Parade, Inc. is a non-profit organization, which organizes an annual parade and activities throughout the year, to promote the richness of the culture, folklore and popular traditions of the Dominican Republic. The organization seeks to provide a deeper knowledge about the heritage and contributions of people of Dominican descent in the United States and other parts of the world. This year has scheduled the completion of the Dominican Parade Gala for Friday, August 10 and the Dominican Parade for Sunday August 12.

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