Participant Application

Thank you for your interest in registering for the Dominican Day Parade. Please note that our online registration system is now closed as the parade date has passed. The last day to register for the parade was Tuesday, August 9 in person at 5030 Broadway suite 637.

Thank you!

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Dominican Day Parade, Inc.

5030 Broadway, Suite 637
New York, NY 10034

We are proud to announce that the Dominican Day Parade will take place on Sunday August 14, 2016, with set up starting at 08:00 AM and step off at 12:00 PM. The parade begins at 38th Street and Avenue of the Americas and ends at 52th Street.

We look forward to having your group participate in the parade this year. Below are the details for groups that are interested in marching in the parade.

PLEASE NOTE: Participant Application and Payment Deadline: Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Registration Fees & Information


Business less than 50 employees
Business more than 50 employees
Not-For-Profit Income of $0-$200,000
Not-For-Profit Income of $200,000-400,000
Not-For-Profit Income of $400,000-$1,000,000
Not-For-Profit Income of $1,000,000
Government, Military, or Unions
Fraternity, Sorority or Student Group
Non-Affiliated Community Group


1- 50 additional marchers = $50
51-100 additional marchers = $100
100-150 additional marchers = $150
More than 150 additional marchers = $200

PLEASE NOTE: Marching Group background and details must be described with your application (Corporate sponsor rules apply.)



Standard Float (8’x26’x12’): $3,000
Custom Float (8’x28’x13’): starting at $6,000
Sound Vehicle: starting at $150 per vehicle (no motorcycles allowed)

NOTE: No more than 20 people can ride on a float. Your float fee covers up to 20 people riding on a float; with an addition of up to 30 people walking around the float.

If your group is interested in a FLOAT, indicate on the Registration Form below and the committee will get back to you with further details.

  • If you are sponsoring a float not provided by one of the two Dominican Day Parade providers, you must supply a design of your float and valid insurance covering your float.

If you are part of a performance group and plan to bring a SOUND VEHICLE, indicate on the Registration Form below and the committee will get back to you with further details.

  • MOTORCYCLES, 16-wheelers and vans will not be allowed.
  • Each group is limited to one vehicle at the parade, unless otherwise authorized. Payment for the vehicle(s) can be submitted with this application with a separate money order.

All floats and sound vehicles must be pre-approved by the Dominican Day Parade, Inc., Arts and Culture Committee.

How to Register

You will not be considered registered until we have received ALL the following items:

  • Complete registration form
  • Registration fee via money order, or certified bank check made payable to The Dominican Day Parade, Inc.
  • Proof (Can be either IRS 990/1120 form, bank letter, or letter from CPA) of organization income (for purposes of sliding scales) – see below for details*
  • Historical data regarding your group in Registration Form (so we can accurately represent your organization)

DEADLINE: Complete and return your registration form and fee no later than Wednesday, July 27, 2016

MAIL TO: 5030 Broadway, Suite 637, New York, NY 10034

Before filling out the Participant Application, make sure you have read and understood the Parade Rules and Regulations listed below.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to limit or restrict the participation of any individual(s) and/or organization(s).

We look forward to celebrating this year’s parade with you. For further information or questions, please call 212-634-7174.

Rules and Regulations

  1. No personal vehicles allowed. SOUND VEHICLES are permitted for performance groups only and groups must provide their own power.
  2. NO HOOKAHS. If you bring one to the parade you will not be allowed to march.
  3. Every parade participant must be wearing a 2016 parade wristband. No exceptions.
  4. All participants must promote Dominican heritage, culture and pride with the exception of participants representing other cultures.
  5. All participants must reflect a respect for general public decency and moral values, including a dress code of a professional or cultural nature.
  6. All participants must refrain from the use of profane or offensive language, symbols, or gestures.
  7. The use of the flag of the Dominican Republic as part of an outfit or clothing will not be allowed and the use of the flag to decorate a float must be done in a respectable and dignified manner. Flags with symbols will not be allowed.
  8. No political or electoral advertisement or signs may be displayed by any participants.
  9. NO THIRD-PARTIES will be allowed to march with the original group that signed on the Application. Every marcher must be wearing a 2016 wristband.
  10. All participants must adhere to the instructions of Parade Coordinators during the parade.
  11. In the event of a cancellation of the parade due to an “act of god” DDP will not refund registration fees.